The Verdict

//The Verdict

The Verdict

We’re suckers for a hidden bar, mainly because we really like to be the first ones to know everything about Sydney, and Fonz-themed bar, Fonzarellis is exactly that. It’s the kind of that that you’ve probably walked past every single day while trudging up Foveaux Street on your way to work. Keep an eye out for the neon blue sign next time you walk by and you’ll wonder how you’ve missed it so many times (probably because you’ve been too busy running for the train).

In keeping with the 1950’s, Happy Days theme, the bar is complete with jukebox, pinball machine and intimate booths lining each wall. The two-level bar is dimly lit, but it’s worth going to the trouble of reading the menu because they’re serving up cocktails like the Buddy Holly (classic amaretto sour with fresh OJ) and Correctamundo (Campari, SOlerno blood orange liqueur and fresh OJ). For food, you can expect fuss-free crowd pleasers, like jalapeno poppers, two hot dog options and arancini of tomato, peas and bocconcini risotto balls with pesto aioli.

Can you really go wrong with a hidden bar inspired by the smooth talking Fonz. Probs not, TBH.