Fonzarelli’s Opens In Surry Hills

//Fonzarelli’s Opens In Surry Hills

Fonzarelli’s Opens In Surry Hills

19th January 2017 By Caitlin Porter

The Surry Hills bar family warmly welcomes one very popular newcomer, Fonzarelli’s on Foveaux Street. Inspired by the Fonz himself – or Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli of favourite American TV show Happy Days – this new venue boasts two levels, a full bar, and a kitchen bursting with classic 1950s American fare.

While the dinner and drinks are sure to impress, the heavy dose of nostalgia is the true drawing card of this friendly new locale. Inside you’ll find plush booth seating, a jukebox, pinball machine, and a dance floor that’s crying out for you and your fellow Rockabillies to bust out the jitterbug. Fonzarelli’s is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm till midnight, and welcomes anyone from bookings to walk-ins.

Get yourself down there for dinner or after-work drinks sometime soon, because this sure is one Fat City. That’s 1950s slang for a “a great thing or place”, in case you’re wondering (ok, we’re nowhere near as cool as Fonzie, but we tried).