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What’s On

Opening Hours

As of Saturday 6 April 2019

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Fridays from 5pm

Two levels of Bar & Music

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Saturdays from 5pm

Two Level Bar

Disco Den Basement Level

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Bar & Food Culture

American Inspired Retro 70’s & 80’s Bar

Fonzarellis is where sensational food, two beautifully designed bars and the warmest vibe this side of Surry Hills come together to create the most welcoming place in town.

Meticulously curated as an homage to the retro era of Americana in the 1970’s and early 80’s, Fonzarellis is designed to ignite all the senses with a perfectly curated menu, carefully sourced memorabilia, lush furnishings, couple-booths and gold leaf trimmings that set the scene for not only a night to remember, but one to enjoy on call as your regular local.

American & Italian Inspire  Sharing Plates

Food with Soul

Bottoms Up    Couple Booth Seating

Split Level Bars

Delectable Ranged

Gourmet Sharing Plates

Tailor Made

Function Packages


House Cocktails


Fonza Refreshers